Basic Moves

Do Something Under Fire

When you do something under fire, or dig in to endure fire, roll+cool. On a 10+, you do it. On a 7-9, you flinch, hesitate, or stall: the MC can offer you a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choice.

Go Aggro

When you go aggro on someone, roll+hard. On a 10+, they have to choose: force your hand and suck it up, or cave and do what you want. On a 7-9, they can instead choose 1:

  • Get the hell out of your way
  • Barricade themselves securely in
  • Give you something they think you want
  • Back off calmly, hands where you can see them
  • Tell you what you want to know (or what you want to hear)

Seize by Force

When you try to seize something by force, or to secure your hold on something, roll+hard. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2.

  • You take definite hold of it
  • You suffer little harm
  • You inflict terrible harm
  • You impress, dismay or frighten your enemy

Seduce or Manipulate

When you try to seduce or manipulate someone, tell them what you want and roll+hot. For NPCs, on a hit, they ask you to promise something first, and do it if you promise. On a 10+, whether you keep your promise or not is up to you, later. On a 7-9, they need some concrete assurance right now. For PCs, on a 10+ you get both. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • If they do it, they mark experience.
  • If they refuse, it's acting under fire.

What they do then is up to them.

Read a Situation

When you read a charged situation, roll +sharp. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions: When you act on one of the MC's answers, take +1.

On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • Where's the best escape route/way in/way out?
  • Which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
  • Which enemy is the biggest threat?
  • What should I be on the lookout for?
  • What's my enemy's true position?
  • Who's in control here?

Read a Person

When you read a person in a charged situation, roll+sharp. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. While you're interacting with them, spend your hold to ask their player questions, 1 for 1:

  • Is your character telling the truth?
  • What's your character really feeling?
  • What does your character intend to do?
  • What does your character wish I'd do?
  • How could I get your character to _____?

Leap of Faith

When you look to the source of your faith for guidance and expose yourself to the mockery of others, you gain revelatory insights amidst all this chaos. Roll+faith and describe your experience, in brief or in full, about the nature and truth of things. On a hit, the MC will seize on something you've said and eleborate on your insight. On a 10+, they'll straight-up tell you something you hadn't realized before. On a 7-9, they'll hint at the answer to something that's been troubling you. On a miss, some truths willset you free, but not this one. No, this truth is going to burn you.

Help or Interfere

When you help or interfere with someone who's making a roll, roll+HX. On a hit, they take +1 (help) or -2 (interference) now. On a 7-9, you also expose yourself to fire, danger, retribution or cost.

Basic Moves

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