Tag: Technical


  • Willem Jeanne

    [[:ajara_chandar | Ajara Chandar]] is a childhood friend. Willem was promoted to Chief Petty Officer after nearly dying performing dangerous repairs on the FTL of the [[Battlestar Icarus | Icarus]]. The same accident blinded [[:vincent-laird | Deckhand …

  • Dekker Lennox

    Dekker is an engineer who has been trapped aboard BSG66 for the last two months since the Cylon invasion. He seems perfectly friendly and eager to help the crew when they arrive. He offers to donate blood to [[:mia | Mia]] for her emergency surgery.

  • Vincent Laird

    Laird is a good-looking, smart and friendly young man from Virgon. His artistic, hippy parents were horrified when Laird showed more affinity for machines than painting, and even moreso when he decided he wanted to go into the military. On the Icarus he …