Tag: Caprica


  • Anderson "Dog" Owens

    Anderson has been a military brat for years, dropping out of school on Caprica to join the military (and taking his parent's tuition money in the process) A hotshot pilot he racked up more training kills than any other pilot in his class at the academy …

  • Ajay Mitsis

    Consultant from Caprica, Ajay was temporarily attached to the government agency that managed to escape the invasion. He's since then developed a number of relationships with members of the fleet, both military and civilian, both professional and otherwise.

  • Agnes Chaung-Tannen

    Also known as "The Colonel," she is the leader of the resistance on Tauron. With over 20 years experience as a military doctor, she fell into the role of commander after the attacks and the military was left in shambles. She has not been in touch with …