Anderson "Dog" Owens

CAG on the Battlestar Icarus


Player: Jason

Cool +1
Hard +1
Hot -1
Sharp +2
Faith +0

[]Brief the Squad: Plan a mission, formally to your pilots in the briefing room or to a group looking for direction. Roll sharp. On a 10, Hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold 1 for 1 before or during the mission to:

  • Detail an opportunity or advantage. When someone follows through on that during the execution of the plan, they take +1 forward.
  • For this mission, remove a weakness or vulnerability (RECKLESS, INSUBORDINATION, FATIGUED, MESSY, etc.)

[]Officer on Deck When your people fight for you, roll hard. On a hit, hold 2. On a 10, they are following orders. On a 7-9, they buck your command, push themselves too far, or get careless. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Draw fire.
  • Concentrate fire on a target.
  • Sacrifice themselves to buy time for the fleet.
  • Lay in wait to ambush.
    On a miss the squad is scattered, outflanked, or unprepared, leaving you exposed to your enemy.

[]Tactical Leader: When you help or interfere with someone, roll +sharp instead of +Hx.

Willem Jeanne +3
*Anderson is drinking buddies with his engineer

Dr Kaleb Tanner +1
Sgt Ajara Chandar +1
Ajay Mitsis +1
Bran Storant +1


Anderson has been a military brat for years, dropping out of school on Caprica to join the military (and taking his parent’s tuition money in the process)

A hotshot pilot he racked up more training kills than any other pilot in his class at the academy, and continued on working his way up the ladder in ever subsequent post he’s been assigned to. Now he’s been assigned as CAG on the Icarus, and he’s really starting to feel the pressure. Shooting things down is easy. Babysitting this pack of pukes he has for pilots is going to be the hard part.

Viper Crew:
Herculese is always giving him grief
Beeper comes through in a pinch
Freeze isn’t ready for his wings
Dropout has been with him since the academy
Easy is a stickler for the rules
“Raw Deal” Murphy

Anderson "Dog" Owens

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