Tag: Pilot


  • Anderson "Dog" Owens

    Anderson has been a military brat for years, dropping out of school on Caprica to join the military (and taking his parent's tuition money in the process) A hotshot pilot he racked up more training kills than any other pilot in his class at the academy …

  • Dropout

    A competent pilot that [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]] has known since the Academy. She is currently missing, having disappeared after performing recon for the Battlestar Icarus.

  • Thomas "Herculese" Marshall

    Herculese is a Lieutenant and viper pilot aboard the [[Battlestar Icarus | Battlestar Icarus]]. He is skilled but cocky, and loves to give his CO [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]] a hard time.

  • Lisa "Beeper" Jones

    Beeper is one of [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]]' top pilots. The CAG picks her as his pilot for their mission to Tauron, where she flies [[:jocelyn | Jocelyn's]] shuttle _Hyades_.