Tag: Icarus


  • Anderson "Dog" Owens

    Anderson has been a military brat for years, dropping out of school on Caprica to join the military (and taking his parent's tuition money in the process) A hotshot pilot he racked up more training kills than any other pilot in his class at the academy …

  • Dropout

    A competent pilot that [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]] has known since the Academy. She is currently missing, having disappeared after performing recon for the Battlestar Icarus.

  • Kaleb Tannen

    Born on Picon. Tannen was 9 years old at the end of the first Cylon War. His father Cyrus Tannen managed ship building contracts for the military, and served as a senior project manager for some of the later Battlestar models. Cyrus Tannen died when …

  • Ajay Mitsis

    Consultant from Caprica, Ajay was temporarily attached to the government agency that managed to escape the invasion. He's since then developed a number of relationships with members of the fleet, both military and civilian, both professional and otherwise.

  • Willem Jeanne

    [[:ajara_chandar | Ajara Chandar]] is a childhood friend. Willem was promoted to Chief Petty Officer after nearly dying performing dangerous repairs on the FTL of the [[Battlestar Icarus | Icarus]]. The same accident blinded [[:vincent-laird | Deckhand …

  • Erika Targaris

    Erika is the former communications officer on the [[Battlestar Icarus | Battlestar Icarus]]. She was recently (and surprisingly) promoted to Major and XO of the Battlestar ahead of other officers such as [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]], despite her …

  • Thomas "Herculese" Marshall

    Herculese is a Lieutenant and viper pilot aboard the [[Battlestar Icarus | Battlestar Icarus]]. He is skilled but cocky, and loves to give his CO [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]] a hard time.

  • Rochiante

    One of the marines [[:ajara_chandar | Sgt. Chandar]] takes with him on the mission to Tauron, along with [[:mia | Private Mia]]. Known as "Roch" for short. Noted card player and an ace at triad. His grandfather fought and died in the First Cylon War …

  • Mia

    One of the marines [[:ajara_chandar | Sgt. Chandar]] takes with him on the mission to Tauron, along with [[:rochiante | Private Rochiante]]. She is more cautious and less eager to get into battle than Roch. Generally cool and calculating, on an …

  • Vincent Laird

    Laird is a good-looking, smart and friendly young man from Virgon. His artistic, hippy parents were horrified when Laird showed more affinity for machines than painting, and even moreso when he decided he wanted to go into the military. On the Icarus he …

  • Lisa "Beeper" Jones

    Beeper is one of [[:anderson_owens | Captain Owens]]' top pilots. The CAG picks her as his pilot for their mission to Tauron, where she flies [[:jocelyn | Jocelyn's]] shuttle _Hyades_.