Tag: Civilian


  • Ajay Mitsis

    Consultant from Caprica, Ajay was temporarily attached to the government agency that managed to escape the invasion. He's since then developed a number of relationships with members of the fleet, both military and civilian, both professional and otherwise.

  • Bran Storant

    Ajay is Bran's 'special friend'. Even though they were best friends as teenagers, they went their separate ways. But over the years, they have secretly saved each others' lives a few times.

  • Agnes Chaung-Tannen

    Also known as "The Colonel," she is the leader of the resistance on Tauron. With over 20 years experience as a military doctor, she fell into the role of commander after the attacks and the military was left in shambles. She has not been in touch with …

  • Lisbeth Kandor

    A mysterious scientist working for the Tauron Resistance. [[:ajay_mitsis | Ajay Mitsis]] and [[:bran_storant | Bran Storant]] used to know a woman named Lisbeth Kandor, but this woman doesn't appear to be the right age to be the same person. The story she …